Our Mission

At Track My Visa Now, our mission is to bring clarity to USCIS processing times. We combine real time data processing with predictive modeling to accurately forecast visa applicant wait times. We understand first hand the complexities and the uncertainties of the immigration process. That’s why we are committed to providing you with accurate, up-to-date data, making your journey as predictable and as stress-free as possible.

Since our launch, the immigration community has embraced the reliability and transparency of our data analysis. Both individuals and well-reputed companies alike trust us to deliver accurate insights. We take that trust seriously, which is why we have chosen to specialize in fiancé(e) and marriage-based USCIS applications. Our business is built on providing accurate data and we take our mission seriously.

What We Offer

  • Personal Estimates: Check when you can expect to hear back from the USCIS
  • Position Tracking: Know where you stand in line.
  • Neighboring Cases: View the current statuses of cases like yours.
  • Status History: See your case history.
  • Email Notifications: Get notified as soon as your status changes.

Who We Serve

Whether you're an applicant, a beneficiary, or an attorney our services are tailored for you. Our personalized product is currently serving I-129F filers. We plan to support US citizen based I-130 filers in early 2024.

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Our Story

At Track My Visa Now, we know the US immigration process first hand. In October 2022, we filed for our K-1 fiancée visa. Like many of you, we were eager to start our new life together, but we had no idea when that might be. We saw online wait time estimates ranging wildly - from 6 months up to 16 months. We decided to roll up our sleeves and get the real answer.

We built the platform you see today first for ourselves, then for the community, and now for you - our customers. We know what it's like to be waiting on a visa and we're here to make your wait as clear as possible.

Whether you want to enjoy the free content or sign up for our product, we're honored to be part of your journey.