What does each case status mean?

Case Received

The case was received and its status has not yet been updated


The case's status has been updated but does not fall into any of the groups below


(Request For Evidence) USCIS sent a requested for additional evidence to the petitioner


(Request for Evidence Response) USCIS received additional evidence from the petitioner


The case was approved by USCIS


The case was denied because the applicants are ineligible to receive a visa


The case was rejected because it was improperly filed


The case was withdrawn by the petitioner

How can I check my official case status?

You can check your case's status by entering your receipt number in the official USCIS case status page.

How often is the data updated?

The data is updated on a daily basis. Each form type shows the time since the last update at the top of the page.

Where can I learn more about the visa filing process?

Boundless provides a wealth of resources to the immigration community. Their articles walk you through the entire process. Boundless also offers visa filing services to help you file more easily.

What are the categories for I-130 (Petition for Alien Relative)?

1. Immediate Relatives (IR):

  • IR1 or CR1 Spouse of US citizen
  • IR2 Unmarried child under 21 of US citizen
  • IR3 Adoption abroad by US citizen
  • IR4 Adoption in US by US citizen
  • IR5 Parent of US citizen

There is no yearly cap to the number of green cards delivered to Immediate Relatives.

2. Family Preference (F):

  • F1 Unmarried adult child over 21 of US citizen (23,400 yearly cap)
  • F2A Spouse and Unmarried child of permanent resident (87,934 yearly cap)
  • F2B Unmarried adult child of permanent resident (26,266 yearly cap)
  • F3 Married adult child of US citizen (23,400 yearly cap)
  • F4 Sibling of US citizen (65,000 yearly)

USCIS uses the Department of State Visa Bulletin to determine the current visa categories and priority dates before processing a Form I-130 preference petition in order to focus on those cases that have visas available.